Artwork details

Axis Mundi Yantra, 2009.

Performed by Ryan Brewer on the evening of December 17th, 2009 at the Parsons School of Design, NYC.

This work aimed to dislodge and realign the central axis of power—the patriarchy—through brutal extrusions of bodily gesture upon hyper-realized phallic form. The sculpture plays with themes of (hyper)masculinity as an aggressive and precarious force/farce, but sought to preserve whatever elegance and strength may lie in phallic form, streamlining brutality and beautifying weaponry. By attempting to subdue sculpture through acts of seduction and destruction, the ritual asserted transformational resistance to socialized oppression. The outcome was one of emancipation through renewed senses of agency and empowerment.

Installation: Wood, stone, steel, aluminum, concrete, plexiglas, fluorescent lights, aircraft cable, unmixed concrete, sand, electrical components, miscellaneous hardware.

Wardrobe: Silk voile kimono, nylon body harness, concrete geta, leather boots, steel hair sticks, glass vial (essential oils), goalie mask, modified steel goalie cage.

Dimensions: 10′ (diameter) x 10′ (height)


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