CHAKRA YANTRA #1 (The Root: As Within, So Without: All Is Infinite), 2022


Chakra Yantra #1 (The Root: As Within, So Without: All Is Infinite), 2022.

Site-specific installation for Daddy Don Anspauch’s “Stardust Oasis” sanctuary, Joshua Tree, California.

Materials: Cast concrete buttplug (gold leaf enamel), cast concrete stanchions and dais, felt, steel, hardware, and rope. Installed in sand crater.

Dimensions: 6 feet diameter, 6 feet height.

Featuring a newly modified and re-sited Muladhara Linga, or Expansion Object (The Universe Within) (2014), this work is a meditation on the grounding, foundational root chakra and all the inherent power that lies within it, the basis for the awakening of kundalini energies and the practice of tantric love magic. The work incorporates the cardinal compass rose (affectionately thought of here as a desert rosebud), which has been installed in precise alignment with the earth’s directional points. The blueprint of the work also contains the “cosmic compass,” a perpetual motif in my work that is either round, octagonal, or otherwise an eight-spoked wheel. This corresponds to the Buddhist Dharmachakra as well as the Chaos Star (of Chaos Magick). On a base, semiotic level, this symbol (✳︎) signifies the divine asshole, or solar anus. On a more cerebral, mystical level, it can signify a center point of the universe (axis mundi), or even an exit point within and beyond a black hole, (a “white hole”), which expels matter and energy to impress upon gravity yet again in new formations, arrangements, and combinations, thereby putting forth transformed codes of internal logic, new plays with the physical world, and additional intimations of grander designs.

This work will eventually be expanded upon to function as a large sundial in addition to directional compass and meditative mechanism for cosmic attunement and alignment. It is my hope that it will live up to its identification as a yantra, a tool for the continued pursuit of enlightenment, for all who visit the site. The work was bound with these intentions and sealed with a singing bowl tuned in C note, further corresponding to the resonance of the root chakra’s tonal awakening. The structure can be activated any time by using any instrument (including the human voice and/or mind) that can tap into this vibrational frequency.

Process video uses musical accompaniment “Dust Breeding” from the album “Avec laudenum” by Stars of the Lid, 2002.

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