• Chakra Yantra #6, 2009. Installation view.
  • Chakra Yantra #6, 2009. Video stills.
  • Chakra Yantra #6, 2009. Installation detail.


Chakra Yantra #6, 2009.

Chakra Yantra #6 was exhibited in “The Unattainable,” a group show at Envoy Enterprises, NYC, 2009. The work questioned the balance between the interconnectivity of human energy (will), the laws of physics in motion, and potential mystical relativity of these forces. Through the displacement and disorientation of the body’s movement in space coupled with perception-altering lighting effects, the work sought to induce an altered state of consciousness.

The video stills illustrate the activation of the sculpture through performative intervention. Brewer mounts the apparatus with the assistance of two performers, who proceed to rotate the suspended beam clockwise. These rotations twist and tighten the rigging cables, creating tension and potential energy for release. Brewer flattens and aligns his body as the apparatus is released, navigating the precarious unravel toward the original state of stillness.

Installation: Wood, unmixed concrete, polyester film, aircraft cable, spandex fiber, nylon webbing, latex paint, fluorescent light, strobe lights, electrical components.

Wardrobe: Wool fiber, cotton/nylon belt, cotton undergarments

Dimensions: 8′ (diameter) x 10′ (height)

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