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Exorcism (Fall & Rise), 2010.

Performance by Ryan Brewer in collaboration with Jillian Camera. Performed on the evening of April 25th, 2010 at Parsons School of Design as part of the group exhibition Parasites.

This action-meditation consisted of interconnected performances via improvised aerial tissue dance, percussion sound work and video installation. The work exposed primal instincts through chaotic manipulations of movement and media.  Inspired by ancient tantric philosophies, the ritual sought transformative emancipation from conditioned constructs of self. The ritual aimed to dissolve this inner paradigm through delineations and dissections of dualistic gender mythologies.

Installation: cast-concrete light boxes, strobe lights, unmixed concrete, sheet-steel, nylon tricot, rigging hardware, steel welding tables, smoke bombs, essential oils, electrical components.

Drum kit, amplifier, megaphone, stereo speakers, digital projector, laptop computer.
“FALL&RISE” video by Ryan Brewer. ¬†Live sound performance by Jillian Camera.

Lycra wrestling singlet, wrestling headgear, athletic socks, wrestling shoes, jockstrap, mouthguard, cosmetics, essential oils.

Dimensions variable.

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